Dress Up Town optreden

Ever wondered what your favorite anime opening would sound like live? Have you ever
wondered what butlers are prepared to do for their masters? Would you like to see a music
show revolving around anime? Do you like free cookies? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the
questions above, our professional judgment tells us you need to see Dress Up Town LIVE for
maximum overdrive enjoyment of your convention!

In a mansion where roses grow abundantly, cute dresses are considered a necessity of life
and butlers follow every order without questions, nothing is too crazy.
Dress Up Town is Europe’s first and, as of this moment, only ‘idol band’, revolving around the
adventures of wealthy teenager Myu Strawberry.

Myu Strawberry formed Dress Up Town in 2017. The band has been exceedingly active
since its inception, earning an iconic reputation and loyal following within the Benelux’s
anime, manga, J- pop and cosplay scenes. With their infectious selection of Japanese hits,
slew of loyal fans, performances at conventions like Animecon, Abunaicon and Tomocon,
and eye-catching, incomparable concept, Dress Up Town established itself as the de facto
musical ambassador of the cosplay lifestyle within the Benelux.

Apart from Myu, Dress Up Town consists of four butlers on drums, bass, guitar and keys. All
four are dedicated and loyal to the thriving of the band, as Myu has commanded. These
musicians are butlers at heart, making discipline their second nature. This can be heard in
the quality of the music. These four men stow all their power, effort and passion in executing
their job and being a musician has now been added to that. Furthermore, there is a rebellious
musician that tends to joins the stage. Also one of royal blood?

Dress Up Town, At Your Service!